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"My Life Was Falling Apart But It Was God Putting Me Back Together"


Have you ever felt no matter how hard you tried your life was just falling apart? This inspiring, encouraging, real life story by our own C. Woods is truly a blessing in itself. Our Best Seller, this new literary work of art is for those who may have lost their way and need to find that light at the end of the tunnel that will motivate you to not give up, keep the faith and just keep going!

"My Life Was Falling Apart But It Was God Putting Me Back Together" is a testament to those who are faced with challenges but know that with God on your side you simply cannot fail.  An easy read, with a bonus poetry section that will touch your hearts and minds, this book is truly a labor of love that can be enjoyed by readers of all backgrounds and ages.

Sistars Viz-Book

Do you have an idea or just need clarity on getting your life or business in order? Do you feel lost or confused on the next step to take kick start your business? The "Viz Book" is the answer to get you back on track.


This guided book is a powerful tool to effortlessly assist you in creating the life of your dreams. Step-by-step instructions walk you through an easy process to "Identify Your Passions", discover your "Skills and Talents", "Set Short Term and Long Term Goals", tap into your "Why", Budgeting and an Easy Credit Repair Guide as you turn your vision to reality.


Purchase this fully customizable book and join us for our next "Vizion Party". The "Viz Book" is a game-changer and a Life Saver. Get yours today! Discounts available for those who register to attend a "Vizion Party" filled with fun, expert guests and much more.