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Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve Real Success (Sistars) hosts seminars, conferences, workshops, and other events to inspire, motivate and encourage women to succeed in life and business. If you have an event you would like to post on our events page please email us at Events@Sistars.Org or click below.

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Sistars Meet And Greet

Every Second Saturday Of The Month - Coming To A City Near You

Come out and meet our Sistars! Our Sistars Meet & Greet is your opportunity to meet and network with like minded Women Entrepreneurs. Featured guest speakers, refreshments and some of the most amazing, successful and inspiring women in business all make for an awesome and informative good time. We share, connect and introduce you to who we are and why Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve Real Success was created. We look forward to seeing you at our next Sistars Meet & Greet coming to a city near you. Email us at if you would like to apply to be a Guest Speaker at our next event. A fun and open atmosphere you don't want to miss! Make sure to register today and bring a friend!


Sistars is all about the success of our members and women just like you who want to take a do-t-yourself approach to cleaning up your credit. Let's faceit in today's world having good credit is vital to your financial freedom. Our experts share the steps, tips and tricks to raise your credit score, delete negative items and build positive credit history so you can get the credit you deserve.

In our one day workshop, we share with you the secrets banks and creditors don't want you to know as well as the tools used by Credit Repair Companies who charge you and arm and a leg to clean your credit. Priced at only $49.99/person this workshop is open to all. Register today to save your spot for our next workshop as seating is limited and spaces fill quickly. 

Sistars Vizion Party


There is a "secret" to realizing your wildest dreams. It's not hard work, it's not having a lot of money and it is certainly not crossing your fingersand hoping for the best. The big "secret" is simply 'you have to see it to believe it and if you believe it you can achieve it.' Books such as, "The Secret" and "As A Man Thinketh" and even "The Holy Bible" all agree. Our minds and our thoughts have the power to manifest in the physical realm that which we can see, think and speak.


Sistars "Vizion" Party is a celebration workshop designed to help women identify their passions, create a picture of what success looks like for them and realize their life's goals and dreams. You will create a Vizion Board, be introduced to our best-selling Vizion Book, get real life do-able steps to accomplish those goals from successful women who have been where you have been and are where you want to be in life. This workshop is for those women who may be stuck in a rut and/or simply are ready to go to the next level in life and business.

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