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The Power of Networking Both Online & Offline

We have all heard the term, "Network to Increase Your Net Worth." Before Social Media became so popular, meeting in person or over the phone were the only ways for us to network and make connections. However, in today's day and age we have Facetime, Video Chat, Facebook Live, Group Conference calls and more to add to the ways we are able to reach out and connect with each other. When S.I.S.T.A.R.S. first formed back in 2011 our monthly meetings held in Downtown, Oakland were our singular form of networking with like minded women from across the Bay Area. Today, with the boom of Social Media we are able to network with women from all over the world fairly easily and without the cost of driving, paying toll and parking fees and all the other costs that come with hosting a face to face meeting.

Now don't get me wrong, even though we are able to effortlessly communicate with each other online and it is a powerful tool to grow our networks, we cannot forget the importance of offline or face-to-face meetings as well. Being able to shake someone's hand, share ideas in person and just simply get to know someone up close is a great way to not only connect but also build lifelong friendships. Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve Real Success is all about empowering women and there is an undeniable power that is felt when you are able to hear someone speak live and direct. So we definitely promote our Offline events and classes as well as our Online groups and interactions.

Growing our networks in business is our ultimate goal as it increases not only profits and brand recognition but also credibility. Word of mouth referrals are more valuable than any marketing strategy you can use. If a friend recommends a product or service, we are more likely to buy or utilize that product or service. This is why building our networks both online and offline is so powerful and important to our overall growth. Below are "10 Ways To Tap Into The Power Of Networking Online and Offline." We can't be afraid to step out on faith, step out of the box and fearlessly reach out to others in life and business. You will be pleasantly surprised how God will place the right people in your life at exactly the right time. Happy Networking ladies!

10 Ways To Tap Into The Power Of Networking Online And Offline

1) Online - Join Groups that are relevant to your product, service or lifestyle. be active in these groups by liking and commenting. Do not just spam the group by posting your business links, products or services, actually interact. Answer questions and provide valuable content. Make new friends and then turn them into customers. Sharing a bit of what you do is okay. Just trust that if your service or product is that good people will ask and certainly buy.

2) Online - Use Instagram Explore Search. This is a great way to network with others who are in your field of interest. If you are selling vacations, search hashtags that have to do with the travel industry, i.e. #travellingtheworld. If you are a Chef search hashtags such as #foodislove. Scroll down to love and comment on the posts you like as well as follow the pages of those who peak your interest. This is a sure way to gain followers while building your network.

3) Online - Create and share Videos to target audiences. Videos often get more interaction than images and if your video is that great it has the potential to go viral. Share videos that answer a question or address a concern that your potential client or customer may have. Make sure to leave clear contact info both within the video itself and below it within the description. Share to groups and watch your network grow.

4) Online - Facebook Live has taken over Social Media. This is great for spontaneously interacting with your audience or via set meeting schedules. You can do a Facebook Live on a specific topic giving a tidbit of free info then direct customers to your page or website for more info or to purchase your product. Viewers also love when you share a piece of your personal life such as you on vacation, preparing a dish or during a do-it-yourself project. With Facebook Live the possibilities are endless. Be creative, think outside the box and your network will grow in leaps and bounds. No need to be perfect, just be you!

5) Online - Create a Youtube Channel or Podcast. Youtube channels are great if you do a lot of videos whether live or pre-recorded. This way not only are you searchable on Youtube but you can share your channel with followers thus growing your overall network. Youtube also pays you if you go over a certain amount of views, isn't that just the icing on the cake? Podcasts are audio recordings that can be used in a number of ways. You can share and link your podcast to just about all of your social media sites as well as your own website. Just like Facebook live you can also go live or have a set day and time that you air your podcast with various topics so your viewers are actually eager and waiting for your podcast to air. Youtube and Podcasts are the wave of the present and the future and great tools to build your network online.

6) Offline - Meetup Groups. offers a wide range of groups with varying interests that are designed to do just what it says, meet up. From fishing to book clubs, to business groups, has it all. You can attend one listed or even create your own. Simply log in, find a group or groups that interest you and attend their next Meet Up. You will meet like minded individuals that are actually eager to join your network of new friends, colleagues and customers.

7) Offline - Attending Seminars and Conferences. You always see advertisements for Women's Conferences, Seminars and other events, we all do. So why not check them out? Don't let price stop you as we all need to invest in ourselves. If it peeks your interest chances are it has peeked the interest of those similar to you or with similar business goals or needs. Sign up, get your tickets and go with an open mind. You are sure to meet people who will help grow your network, inspire your life and increase your business.

8) Offline - Hosting Your Own Event. This is a no-brainer. If we are in business or just want to meet new people, why not host your own event, seminar or class? You can start off small and even get others to partner with you. Write out a plan, find a location and get to it. Even if you start off hosting at your home, invite a friend and ask that they bring a friend. Soon you will be an expert on hosting events and you will continue to double or even triple your network and net worth.

9) Offline - As you go about your day. How many people do we come in contact with on the daily? Our mailman or woman, the Barista at the coffee shop, the patrons and other customers at the establishments we frequent, our commute if we bus or ride the train, our hairstylist, our teachers or classmates if we are students, our children's teachers, our neighbors..the list goes on. Everyone we meet as we go about our day is an opportunity to build our network. So put on a smile and actually get to shaking some hands and actually speaking with people. You will not be disappointed and may make a genuine friend or business partner along the way.

10) Offline - Friends and Family. Let's be honest our friends and family can be our biggest supporters or our biggest haters. Either way they are the ones with whom we have the most contact with in life. So why not at the least test out our sales pitch, tell them a little about our business or just put a bug in their ear about what it is we actually do? Why not spend quality time with friends and family and speak to them about something positive and not just what he said or she said or the latest episode of "Power" on t.v.? Your family and friends may surprise you, they may tell a friend who tells a friend or support your business themselves. Give them the benefit of the doubt and while you don't want to seem like you're bragging or usurp all your quality time talking about business, give them a chance to help you as you help them and others.

Remember it's not always what you know but who you know. Don't just give out business cards, get their information and follow up with a "great to meet you" text, call or email. You can build your network to increase your net worth with just a little time and effort. Using the "10 Ways To Tap Into The Power Of Networking Online and Offline" you will quickly grow your network and the connections you make can last a lifetime.

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